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  Hi, My name is Stephanie! I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur fulfilling my dreams. I am a model, MUA, & actress from the DC area. I am one to have tons of ideas.. & I cannot wait to put them into action right away. For Glaminizers, this simple idea, combining glam and organizers... Equalled perfection! I wanted a way to store my makeup without it boring me. Makeup is art and it should be portrayed/stored in a way thats cute, beautiful, and GLAM!!! And now... months later, I have expanded my makeup storage company into a cosmetic line - with a beautiful variety of glitters, lip scrub, brush cleaner, & tons of amazing products to come! Only using the BEST organic & natural ingredients & choosing the SAFE way because it is ALWAYS the right way! :)

Updates : We have been blessed enough to have been in more than two pop-up shops in the Washington, D.C. area! We we're very successful & loved sharing the experience with you guys! We plan to open another soon, stay tuned!